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The category is O. Where the flash of the 70s and 80s played no role in influencing what modern queer culture would look like. Your choices are simple. Feminine ruffles and bows, or fringe and sequins. And trust me, nothing is more exciting than twirling in a fringe ensemble. To provide the modern gentleman with a chance of exploring the vast spectrum that is gender identity through clothing. In his eyes, dresses, ruffles, high heels, feminine patterns, and soft gender bending silhouettes were no longer off limits.

This collection, along with Pride month itself, are really is about expressing the beauty of the gender spectrum. They call for the acceptance and embracing of human fluidity and being able to chose who you want to be for the sake of you happiness. Trends are often hard to mimic, and even harder to distinguish from one season to another these days which has always been a drag. There is something trending on the runway this season that almost anyone can get into, which is really something to be excited about.

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Designers instead chose to use fabrics that used fabrics that not only had interesting colours choices, they also gleamed with a silvery sheen that added a youthful spark to every look. For example, Dries Van Noten chose to showcase oil slick metallics instead of the traditional metallic colour choices to add a chic and modern twist to his throwback collection. Not very many colours can provide you with the elegance and freshness that navy blue does. Collection after collection sprang up in Milan and Paris showcasing the regal colour in all of its dark sapphire beauty.

One great way to pull off the perfect navy outfit is to pair it with a crisp white grounding piece like a white buttoned down shirt or a white turtleneck and beret. Now leather may seem like a daunting material to wear.

A simple faux leather outfit and leather pant with a band shirt or bright coloured dress shirt can create the perfect throwback look for your wardrobe this fall. But fashion movers and shakers around the world have felt that some rearranging had to be done in recent years.

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At Alberta Ferretti, pastels took a more regal appearance in the form of paintings by various famed artists. This ethereal take on pastels conjures up images of the Rococo, a time period where pastels were used for everything from room paint, to ladies ball gowns. Fashion is a defining trait of our individuality.


It allows us to express what we as humans feel on the inside, on the outside. Fashion has a way of changing out moods for the better and for the worst; in the same way, a beautiful dress can make you unimaginably beautiful but the wrong fit or colour could turn a dream into a nightmare. L to R Burberry, Gucci. Neil Barrett, Acne Studios. Yes, on the runway the looks can seem a bit severe, however, picked apart there is something in the collection for everyone.

This coat reminds me of a coat my mom wore back in the 70s which had an astrakhan collar. Keeping with nostalgia theme, designer Neil Barrett drew inspiration from 80s music from The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnymen which was the soundtrack to youth. The collection was filled with precision tailoring and leather jackets that paid homage to the era but still modern for today. What I love most of the about this look and everything from the collection, Barrett has a way of creating chic menswear that allows the person wearing the clothes to appear effortless but still look well put together.

Looking back at all the collections, there were a lot completely wearable clothes sent down the runway and less over-the-top experimentation. With the constant musical chairs taken place at the major houses and the current political climate, this was not necessarily a bad thing. For fall, Acne Studios focused on menswear wardrobe staples and played with proportions.

I picked a more slim look from the collection and I could I totally see my rocking this outfit to any event. So you can image my utter delight when I laid my eyes on this head to toe powder blue outfit.


It looks bright, comfy, and light as air. And the edition of the bright peek of lemon yellow adds that tiny break in colour that the outfit needs to come together. Just the thought of having to wear a blazer, or worse, a full suit, makes me cringe. At Palmiers Du Mal , a summery alternative to the traditional suit is presented in the form of a relaxed pant and a silky-velvety single buttoned shirt that has all the flair of a wealthy South American millionaire, without the hassle of a tight pant and blazer.

A perfect example of this is Who Is It?

Fredrik Backman

Another reason why I chose an outfit from Who Is It? Take it all in. The scarf, the hat, the suit, the giant hands. Wearing this would be like wearing a surrealist painting. Dali and Magritte would be so proud of me as I walked down the street swinging my massive fabric hands around willy-nilly.

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The campaign, shot by Charlotte Wales, featured soft lighting with highlighted sheen on jewel detailing. It was glam, and it was all over the Twitter. These are the type of clothes I wish I could wear all the time. Their recent collection, however, really grabbed my attention. I liked nearly every look they sent down the runway, particularly with how Ilincic used voluminous shapes and draping to create the ultimate cold-weather looks. The show itself was such a spectacle of fashion and so weird that I barely remember what the venue looked like, or who saw in the front row.

This look, in particular, stuck out in my mind, with the playful combination of colours and use of the classic Gucci tee, which we now see coming back into popularity in a huge way. It was so beautifully done, so well styled and had that Europe-in-Autumn romance vibe that is a bit difficult to articulate, but so easy to recognize when it is seen. I loved the use of colour and the clean tailoring done on the jackets and trousers.

One of my favourite ready-to-wear looks from this season was of course in the Yeezy Season 5 collection… shocker! Everyone knows I am a tomboy at heart. I am always drawn to boyish style like hoodies and baseball hats. I have never been much of a girly girl in my style, and this look made all my childhood tomboy dreams come true. The sweatshirt and hat with the hunting camo patterned pants and boots give me all the feels. I really identify with the tomboy look that the Yeezy collections always pull off so well. Yeezy always gets me.