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The Indo-European root is also the source of Latin vermis (“worm”), Lithuanian varmas (“midge”), Old East Slavic вермие (vermie, “locusts, worms”), Ancient.
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Storm Helene smashes Scotland and north of England with 80mph gusts It's easy to underestimate worms.

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But a new book claims they are the world's most influential species By Christopher Lloyd Updated: Earthworms are not for dangling. Share or comment on this article: But a new book claims they are the world's most influential species.

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Any of various unrelated animals, such as the shipworm or the slowworm, resembling a worm in habit or appearance. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. The first written study of runestones, it is also one of the only surviving sources for depictions of numerous runestones and inscriptions from Denmark, some of which are now lost.

As a natural philosopher , Worm assembled a great collection of curiosities , which ranged from native artifacts collected from the New World, to taxidermed animals, to fossils , on which he speculated greatly. Worm compiled engravings of his collection, along with his speculations about their meaning, into a catalog of his Museum Wormianum , published after his death in An illustration of his pet bird, a great auk, survives as the only known illustration of a live member of the species, which is now extinct.

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As a scientist, Worm straddled the line between modern and pre-modern. As an example, in a very modern, empirical mode, Worm determined in that the unicorn did not exist and that purported unicorn horns simply were from the narwhal.

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At the same time, however, he then wondered if the anti-poison properties associated with a unicorn's horn still held true, and undertook experiments in poisoning pets and then serving them ground up narwhal horn his poisoning must have been relatively mild because he reported that they did recover. Other empirical investigations he conducted included providing convincing evidence that lemmings were rodents and not, as some thought, spontaneously generated by the air Worm , p.

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Worm's primary use of his natural history collection was for the purpose of pedagogy. The early twentieth century horror author H. Lovecraft mentions Ole Worm using his Latinized name "Olaus Wormius" as one of the translators of the fictional book Al Azif commonly known as the Necronomicon. Horror writer Anders Fager has elaborated this myth in several of his tales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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