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You could call this Bunyan's 9 Stages of Backsliding: Christian: Well, I think it is like this: First they withdraw their thoughts as much as possible.
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If they think it is wrong, I wish they would pray to God to set us right; but I have never heard them do that; I have never heard them pray to the Lord to convince us of the truth of infant sprinkling—I wish they would, if they believe it to be scriptural, and I am perfectly willing to put it to the old test, the God that answereth by fire, let him be God, and whichever shall prevail, when prayer shall be the ultimate arbiter, let that stand.

I do not question the safety of the soul that has believed, but I do say again, I would not run the risk of the man who, having believed, refuses to be baptized.

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Wilt thou do nothing but what is essential to thine own salvation? A Pharisee or a harlot might talk so. Is this thy love to Christ—that thou wilt not obey him, unless he shall pay thee for it?

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He was not baptized. I quoted to him another passage: Still, a few historical memoranda as to the Christians commonly called Baptists will not be out of place.


Nine Steps to Backsliding

Our own belief is that these people are the purest part of that sect which of old was everywhere spoken against, and we are convinced that they have, beyond their brethren, preserved the ordinances of the Lord Jesus as they were delivered to the saints. MT9 Several sects claim apostolic succession, and if any possess it, the Baptists are the most likely, since they practise the ordinances as they were delivered; but we do not even care to trace our pedigree through the long line of martyrs, and of men abhorred by ecclesiatics.

Those who contend for the fiction may monopolize it if they will. But if I mentioned that subject to him,—and sometimes I did,—he was not long before he began to sing, and he asked me to join with him, which I gladly did. For my part, I am going to run no risks, and therefore I take the whole passage just as it stands.

How to Backslide in 9 Easy Steps

There is little virtue in the beauty which calls attention to itself; modest beauty is the last to extol its own charms. AM As for beauty, one of its most potent charms lies in its modest unconsciousness; it is greatly marred when accompanied by vanity. You sing of your beloveds so white and ruddy; think of what they will come to by-and-by. Leave it to itself. Is there anything fouler or more putrid than flesh when God calls back the spirit which quickeneth it? Believing is a matter of the will. A man does not believe without being willing to believe. So while unsure about which side of the argument to fall upon, I am glad I struggle with it because it keeps me in the fight with sin and against the flesh as it were!!

March 27th, at 8: It is easy to see this behavior start to crop up in ourselves. All the more reason to continually examine ourselves 2 Corinthians Our orthodoxy and orthopraxy must match, but rarely do. Ignorance who traveled the whole journey made it to the gate of the Celestial City and was hauled away to the Gate of Hell and cast in. Then in point nine Bunyan is clear that they show themselves for who they are — unbelievers who have been decieving.

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None of us would be saved if keeping our salvation was up to us. The Lord is clear that He keeps us. The lamb was His to begin with and He will find it and keep it safe. If it is lost forever it was not His to begin with. The four types of soil, hearts, mentioned, tells us that only one of those was truly saved, that was the one that produced fruit.

March 30th, at 5: Thank you for sharing that.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Menu Skip to content. She cried out and her mother came running to her bedside. That happens to a lot of us, as well. We fall because, like the little girl, we are staying too close to the place where we got in.

How to Stop Backsliding

After committing ourselves to Christ, we never go forward spiritually. We never make that complete break with the past, and we end up slipping back into our old sinful behavior.

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Backsliding is a powerful word, and a misunderstood one. It can happen easier than some people think. Falling away, or backsliding, is something that we, as Christians, need to constantly be aware of. There is no standing still, we are either progressing or regressing. Backsliding will be my topic this Sunday at Harvest. I will also talk what steps to take to get right with God, if you have fallen.

In my column this weekend at WorldNetDaily, I deal with the topic of selfishness, but I also touch on the subject of depression:. Maybe you find yourself a little depressed today. You might be down in the doldrums, even though you are in good health, you had a meal today, and you have clothes on your back and a roof over your head.