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Bob the Lovely Unicorn eBook: Kerri Williams: Kindle Store.
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And yes, the art is magnificent inside as well. I mean, the fact that the unicorn is blue-eyed with red hair. I have no idea why that should be funny, but it is. He has this bizarre wide-eyed innocence about him. The shot of him approaching goat while behind him the mountains, lakes, forests, earthworms, and planes all give off little hearts of love is worth the price of admission alone. Shea is tapping into his inner kawaii to make a book that references the art without being direct. Note too that when Goat starts fantasizing about what awesome crime fighters the two could be, Shea subtly changes his style to become a little more old-fashioned and classic.

What surprised me was how amazing the writing was. You know that he would kill to get the sort of attention unicorn attracts naturally. Who amongst us would, in his place, feel anything but envy towards Unicorn?

Unicorns set to dominate 'must have' toy lists for

What is up with your hooves? Those things are out of control! The title alone is key to the rest of the text. About the point I start hyperventilating over the fact that even the fonts in this book are fantastic Goat speaks in a typewriter like font while Unicorn will occasionally burst out with multicolored words surrounded with sparkles I know I have to reign myself in.

But this is one of the rare books where I cannot for the life of me figure out how anything in the title could be better. You know what this book really is? Mar 16, Tasha rated it really liked it Shelves: Everything was going just fine and then Unicorn came along. Goat rides his bike proudly until Unicorn actually flies by. Goat brought treats for the class and then Unicorn made it rain cupcakes.

Goat was doing great at the dance but Unicorn won first prize. Goat does some simple magic coin tricks and Unicorn turns things to gold. It just is not fair. The book ends with the two deciding to be friends and imagining what they would look like as a superhero team. Shea always does comedic writing very nicely with a great sense of timing and books that are ideal for reading aloud thanks to the strong character voices. His dour attitude is nicely enlivened with humor and his own wry take on life.

With only a few lines, the mood of both Unicorn and Goat are clearly shown. Funny and wild, this book proves that the cupcake is always fresher on the other side of the rainbow. Appropriate for ages Apr 04, KC rated it it was amazing Shelves: Darling, humorous, and delightful. Who wouldn't think unicorns aren't great!? Sep 16, MissBecka rated it liked it Shelves: This was such a weird little book. Turns out Unicorns and Goats are both pretty great. View all 4 comments. Nov 22, MLE rated it it was amazing Shelves: The pictures made me smile, and the story had a nice message without feeling heavy or preachy.

Jan 06, Benji Martin rated it it was amazing. I made a mistake the first few times I read this book. I shot too low for the age-range, and the four and five year old kids didn't really get it. I thought, maybe it just wasn't as funny as I originally thought it was, and put it on the shelf. Well, I pulled it out again this morning for the 1st and 2nd graders, and they loved it.

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Bob Shea doesn't write mediocre books, and I should have realized that. Dec 07, Matthew Hunter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Awesome on so many levels. The story of mutual jealousy between an everyman goat and golden child unicorn rings true on a psychological level.

See a Problem?

I'm guilty at times of letting appearances guide my assumptions about a person. So why wouldn't a goat assume that a unicorn who could make it rain cupcakes and turn things to gold wasn't high on himself? To the goat's surprise, the unicorn's jealous of his ability to make cheese from goat milk, of his strong garbage tolerant stomach, and of his climb-tas Awesome on so many levels. To the goat's surprise, the unicorn's jealous of his ability to make cheese from goat milk, of his strong garbage tolerant stomach, and of his climb-tastic cloven hooves. Only through direct interaction do goat and unicorn learn of each other's vulnerability.

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  • In the end, they realize they'd be stronger together as friends than apart. Not only does Shea deliver a meaningful lesson, he manages to do it with humor. He had both Sigourney and me rolling several times. In addition to terrific comedic timing, Shea can draw.

    The sparkly, bright drawings of unicorn work perfectly with goat's drab color palate. Whatever, they suit the written material perfectly. Oct 09, Crystal Bandel rated it really liked it Shelves: Pre-K to grade 2. Goat thinks he's pretty cool, until Unicorn moves in and wows everyone at school with his unicorn abilities, from flying to making it rain cupcakes. Goat gets more and more jealous, until Unicorn lets Goat know just how jealous he is of him!

    By the end of this book, the two of them are best friends, each enjoying what the other can do well. This book has many hilarious emotional turns, as both Goat and Unicorn explain just how jealous they are of each other. The simple art helps convey the characters' emotions, as well as being bright and goofy enough to have fun with the silly premise.

    Though this book tells a standard narrative about jealousy, as reviewer Robinson states, "Shea's honest portrayal of negative emotions mixed with offbeat comedy should make this a winner.

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    Jul 22, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: Goat introduces readers to Unicorn who is sunshine and roses, and sugar and spice and everything nice all in one! Goat goes on a jealous rant about Unicorn, but is interrupted by Unicorn's appreciation of his goat-cheese pizza.

    FEBER My Lovely Unicorn 12V. TUTORIAL

    Unicorn takes the time to recognize Goat's unique characteristics and the two become unlikely friends. My Lovely Unicorn also has a light up horn and comes with a hair brush for combing its long pink hair. It is quite literally a unicorn that poos glitter. I t looks set to be a major hit as it combines all of 's biggest trends slime, glitter, unicorns and poo.

    Poopsie comes in four different colours and is complete with a unique bottle, glitter and a white powder which when combined together and fed to her forms the glittery unicorn poo. Unicorns are mythical creatures which date back to ancient Greek literature. It is said that anyone who touches a pure white unicorn will find happiness and joy for their entire life, while its horn will pierce the heart of a liar.

    O ver the past year a proliferation of unicorn-themed items aimed at adults have not only become available for sale but have flown off the shelves.