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If something is going awry it means that the situation is falling apart in a negative sense, unraveling, gotten chaotic and disorderly, and certainly not the.
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Guess whether a conversation will go awry. Chang at the Wikimedia Research Showcase. Machine learning is helping computers spot arguments online before they happen. Machine learning could stop an online war of words before it starts. Scientists are building a detector for conversations likely to go bad.

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Which of the following conversations between Wikipedia editors will end with a personal attack? Why there's no mention of it here? Namely, an altercation with a foreign intelligence group? True, by the standards of sources some require it wouln't even come close, not to mention having some really weak points, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. So what you're saying is we should put a bad source in the article because it exists? Petersberg Times considered a reliable source by wikipedia?

The AKP won the most seats in Parliament, at , but lost 10 percent of the votes it had received in the elections, amounting to 69 seats. Thus the party fell short of the seat majority it needed to form the government, as it has done since being swept into power in In Turkey, the president is head of state, but the prime minister holds the most executive authority. Meanwhile, civil liberties were eroding. In its annual report, Freedom House found that Turkey was drifting away from democratic norms in such areas as freedom of expression and belief, associational life, rule of law and personal autonomy.

Ideally, he wanted the two-thirds majority seats needed to change the constitution as he desired; failing that, he sought the three-fifths majority seats needed to call a referendum on the issue; and, as a last resort, he aimed for the seats required to form another majority government.

He failed on all three counts. But this grassroots strength has an enormous downside: He pulls no punches regardless of his audience, confusing the rough-and-tumble battles of domestic politics with the hard, careful compromises of international relations.

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The leader-as-party-and-country understanding of politics runs deep in Turkey, where the secular republican political tradition is built on a cult of personality. This tradition promotes an ideology of obedience among the citizenry; is intolerant of identities that are non-ethnic Turkish or non-Sunni; is obsessed with the security of the state; and depends on a party machine devoid of internal democracy. In his early years as prime minister, the AKP upended the old politics, curbing its authoritarian mentality and reducing the role of extra-political institutions like big business, the military, the judiciary and the civilian bureaucracy as the premise of a program for a new Turkey that could qualify to join the European Union.

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Why go to such lengths to turn Turkey into a regional model, welcoming of Islam but distant from jihadi militancy, with greater prosperity and better public services, only to reinvigorate the traditional dogmas and fears? Why first reform and then recreate the past?

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  • This genre of politics, in other words, reproduced the cleavages of the Ottoman-Turkish polity between secular and Islamic sectors, in a different modality but with even more segregation, animosity and anxiety between them. Especially for the state secular critics, whose own commitment to democracy is dubious, religion served to explain everything. The AKP was entrenched from onward through three spectacular electoral victories with no serious competition and no debate that was not completely leader-driven.

    As the AKP fulfilled its core mission, the party became a state-like institution with increasing neo-patrimonial power. No one can remember a public appearance in which he was challenged in a genuinely democratic way. Therein lay one part of the importance of the election results. The second significance of the June elections was the change in the trajectory of Kurdish identity politics and Turkish responses to it.

    Give the AKP the number of seats in Parliament necessary to amend the constitution, and keep the vote of the Kurdish HDP under the 10 percent threshold required for seats. Instead, the HDP passed the 10 percent threshold, winning 80 seats, on par with its nemesis, the Nationalist Action Party MHP , which doubled its percentage of votes and number of seats. Not only did some Turks overcome their nationalist reflexes and vote for the HDP, but they also enabled the HDP to make a historic break from its narrow Kurdish nationalist posture and move toward a more progressive discourse embracing the totality of Turkey.

    [] Conversations Gone Awry: Detecting Early Signs of Conversational Failure

    Kurdish demands evolved over time, but in general entailed greater cultural freedoms, as well as full equality and citizenship rights. In so doing, the HDP showed itself to be a serious contender for power, either as an active partner in a coalition government or a passive outside supporter.

    He came across as humble, not proud; honest, not prone to secrecy; cool and collected, not angry at the world; democratic, not autocratic; calm, not aggressive; articulate, not tripped up by poor grammar. Parallel to the strategy of the HDP, Podemos represented a new progressive coalition rekindling the leftist spirit that was extinguished within the PSOE when it adhered to EU-imposed austerity measures. The June elections came at a critical juncture in the peace process the AKP initiated with the Kurds in The AKP felt it had to address a relentlessly violent and intractable conflict that could damage the image of the new Turkey they were intent on creating.

    The big question has always been whether the legacy of violence and mistrust could give way to authentic reconciliation. He denigrated the HDP and the peace process, showing that despite his promises to end the conflict with the Kurds, he still subscribed to the same old one-dimensional logic of state security. Small wonder that when the votes were counted the AKP was wiped out in the southeast, the majority-Kurdish region.

    A Basic Therapy Gone Awry.

    Soon the coalition talks with opposition parties ground to a halt, and elections were indeed scheduled for November 1. Two years earlier, he had received 93 percent support from Rize in the presidential race. More importantly, conservative Kurds and the liberal-democrat opposition had voted for the HDP en masse. Turkish warplanes struck PKK bases in the southeast and in the Qandil mountains of northern Iraq, causing massive destruction and fatalities estimated in the hundreds.

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    • The PKK retaliated in bloody fashion, killing at least members of the security forces between June 7 and late August. Special security zones were declared in 15 provinces in southeastern Turkey, where nearly , people were said to have fled their homes to escape the violence. The reignition of the three-decade conflict was clearly an attempt to link PKK militants, who are branded as terrorists by the US and many European countries, to the HDP.

      He hoped thereby to push the HDP back below the 10 percent threshold needed for parliamentary representation. The HDP vehemently denies accusations that it favors armed struggle as the way to achieve Kurdish demands. For those Kurds worried by the renewal of violence, events testified to the chilling reality that although the HDP has some affinity with the PKK, neither actor controls or is controllable by the other. This assertion needs some fact checking, to say the least. When they began to succeed, and to carve out autonomous zones for the Syrian Kurds, the government saw Kurdish nationalist forces becoming stronger rather than weaker.

      Only two weeks after those elections, the president hinted at his impatience: