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Wiederschauen: auf Wiederschauen eher süddt — auf Wiedersehen! der Bundespräsident nach den unerfreulichen Auseinandersetzungen um seine Person.
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Das werde ich tun. Verdammt nochmal, ich bin wirklich neutral, doch da muss man doch wahrhaftig dreinfahren. Sure, and you have thereby saved me many words, if I would have had to explain everything to you. But you will still continue to retain your neutrality, even when you will make these things clear at the given point in time. You represent, singly and alone, the facts of actuality, without actuating yourself politically. Thus, no reasonably thinking human being will be able to accuse you of a breach of neutrality. Only, when you do your work, you have to appeal, singly and alone, to the facts of actuality.

Nur, wenn du deine Arbeit tust, dann hast du dich einzig und allein auf die Fakten der Tatsachen zu berufen. I will certainly do that, and I won't interfere in political matters; that just isn't me. And every single human being in one of these or in any other country of the Earth is just a human being to me. To me, no one is a Swiss, a Russian, an American, Chinese, German or anything else that could refer to a nationality, because to me, everyone is only a human being.

Das werde ich bestimmt tun, und in die politischen Belange werde ich mich nicht einmischen, das liegt mir auch nicht. Sure, I know that very well, also that you actually think and act in such a way, and precisely this also gives us the certainty that you will do this difficult upcoming work in the right manner. While I am honored by your confidence, girl, nevertheless, I still find this earthly shit-politics to be the most terrible earthly shit.

Unfortunately, I cannot express that differently. Anders kann ich das leider nicht zum Ausdruck bringen. I would be very happy and delighted about it if I, too, was able to express myself in such words and feelings, as you can do this. Then just start cursing, damn it again. It really happens quite automatically when one has a large enough anger in his belly. Just try it once. Dann fluche doch einfach los, verdammt nochmal.

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You say that like a person dying of thirst, who is totally apathetic. There is no feeling in it at all. Maybe you'll still learn it someday. But let's leave that. If it is allowed, then I would like to address a somewhat sensitive question to you? Vielleicht lernst du es doch noch einmal. Doch lassen wir das. Good, during the Great Journey, you talked with Ptaah once about the fact that the effective time of our mission would amount to approximately years, before I would clamber around and continue to spread the mission again in this world as another personality.

Our contacts have now been running since the month of January, , so the running time, therefore, would have to go until the year , or rather, rounded up, until the year Yes, that is the running time, calculated from the point in time, from which you resumed your mission. After a long interruption, you officially started with this again on the date of Tuesday, the 28th of January, , at 1: Nach langem Unterbruch hast du mit dieser ja offiziell wieder begonnen mit dem Datum vom Dienstag, Januar , um How exactly you still know that.

I could no longer remember it so very exactly. It just wasn't that important to me; by this, I mean the time and the day. Wie genau du das noch weisst. Ich mag mich daran nicht mehr so sehr genau zu erinnern. Well, first of all, I would once again like to have detailed information about this effective time, and then, once again, more detailed information about my next incarnation and the further mission associated with it.

Before the year , however, you may not speak of it and also may not distribute the written information about it. With the beginning of your new mission on the 28th of January, , that effective running time began, which was calculated at approximately years. Mit dem Beginn deiner neuen Mission am Januar hat jene Wirkungslaufzeit begonnen, die mit rund Jahren errechnet wurde. But this means that the work of your mission should last for about years in its effect, before that point in time comes when your teaching can become fully effective.

Es bedeutet dies aber, dass die Arbeit deiner Mission in ihrer Auswirkung rund Jahre dauern soll, ehe jener Zeitpunkt kommt, da deine Lehre voll wirksam werden kann. In other words, I want to declare with this that the effects of your mission work will last for years and will be preparatory for the point in time in the year , when you, as another person, should step once more from the otherworldly area into the light of this material world.

Thus, after your leaving of this world, you should only remain in the otherworldly area for a few years, in order, then, to step into appearance again already in the year , if all the things of the determinations fit themselves together in such a way that no shifts would come about. Sure, that is, after all the previous failures, very well possible, but it is, even with certainty, no longer probable. You always have to consider, however, that only the form of the goals of life and, thus, also the goal of your mission become predetermined by you, but not an exact establishment of time.

Du hast jedoch stets zu bedenken, dass nur die Form der Ziele des Lebens und somit also auch das Ziel deiner Mission von dir vorbestimmt werden, jedoch nicht eine genaue zeitliche Festlegung. An exact determination of time only occurs in each case when a spiritual life form has separated from the material body and has gone into the otherworldly area, in order to work further there as a pure spiritual form and to evolve further.

In your highly evolved case, however, the fact is already given that you, in your material life, can make a fairly accurate determination of the year of your next incarnation, but this can still vary a little, so by about two to three years. This self-determination possibility of the rebirth time of the spirit form still in the material, so in the physical life, can only take place, however, if a life form has already reached a certain spiritual evolution potential, as this is the case with you. However, since you are presently able, in your current physical state, to bring about such a predetermination that is accurate to within two to three years, then this can still change up to the end of your life in such a way, through your further evolution, that the data will be very accurate.

In connection with your former activities as other personalities over many thousands of years, you bore very old and Earth-world-renowned names. Your activities, however, were always informative and instructive for the whole Earth-world and its creatures and life forms. As a prophet, this was also your task, to which you have always voluntarily professed yourself. But as always, it was so, that you have never been recognized or acknowledged at the right time in all of your former personalities as the truthful prophet, so not centuries ago, not millennia ago, and not at the present time.

As it is now, so will it also be when you newly step into appearance in your next incarnation. At present, you have been working now in your mission as a prophet since the year , from which effects will result, which will pave your next way for you as of your next incarnation. Thus, you are presently doing a preparatory work, which will bring about quite definite effects and which will spread out up to the year in such a way that quite definite routes for disseminating the teaching will be opened. Up to the year , changes will have resulted from your present works and efforts, which will then help to facilitate your now newly begun mission.

Your mission at later times, however, will always be the same as now, also without bell ringings and trombone sounds, like it is now. You won't be a herald of a boastful nature, as you also aren't now, which is why the humanity of Earth neither bends its knees before you now nor will it bend its knees before you later, like it also didn't at former and long past times. But just as you, in your missions as a true prophet of the Earth human beings, have already previously erected a truthful and new thought structure for them - which they have, however, forgotten or falsified - so also do you now set up such again.

Truly, it is exactly the same thought structure as always; it's just that it has fallen into oblivion for the Earth human beings and, consequently, looks new to them. At the time of your next return as another personality, you will develop this thought structure even further, after which, already then, many years will have had their effect and your teaching will have paved the ways for spirit-directed progress.

In particular, it is very important with this that the religious believers learn your teaching, for they are the main Earth human beings who live in the greatest confusion and fallaciousness. You know that right at the time of your present life, all earthly religions are in a profoundly critical and crisis-ridden situation, which was already to be foreseen thousands of years ago, that it would be like this at this time, which is, indeed, why you had to step into appearance again exactly at this time.

This is so, because at this bitter time of crisis and destruction, the best time is given for the undermining of all cultic religions and sects. You don't create any union among all the cultic religions and sects but rather an undermining, a rift, as well as decay, strife, and destruction, and to be sure, without you attacking them. In particular, you achieve this because you don't largely step among the national masses but somehow remain hidden and fire out your enlightening arrows from the background. Thus, you don't meet the large organizations of the cultic religions and sects directly; rather, you meet the single individual, who then brings the strife against the untruthfulness that has developed in him into these organizations, spreads it there and, at the same time, begins to destroy and undermine these and to bring these into decay, discord, and downfall.

And exactly up to the year , it will have prospered so far in this respect, in accordance with our calculations of the hundred-year-long effective time, that your teaching can fully come into effect. You yourself will not appear now or in the future as a rewarder for the cult-religious believers and also not as a condemner or executor of judgment for all those who have lived and acted in the wrong. Again, as always, you are and will be an announcer of truth, a revolutionary against the cruel untruth, a very strong man, like now, who, also at the further coming time, will allow a renewed religious drama to be stirred up and to break loose through truth enlightenment, and you will also allow certain old, traditional rules to play along in this.

These, my dear friend, are the facts to be mentioned, but which, for certain reasons, you must still conceal from the public until the month of March, That was very detailed. Actually, I'm glad about all these coming events, for somehow, I just feel magnificently pepped up when I can firmly fight against the untruth. That had already arisen in such a way at primeval times, which is why you were found by us for this mission and asked if you would like to bear it.

Sure, but the decision was made by you yourself and with the knowledge of the fact that you would have to lead a very hard fight against the untruth over many thousands of years across a wide variety of personalities. What made this even more aggravating was that you knew that this would have to affect you very badly because due to your difficult mission over the entire time, a very great loneliness would befall you, which won't be removed again until the year , when you leave the Earth again at that time. As an old Lyran, I very often feel, on the Earth anyway, out of place and damn foreign.

I really must tell you that once, although I don't want to complain. But anyhow, I have, indeed, become an Earth human being, for my barbarian life here among all the barbarians, I also find this not so very bad. It could, however, really be different in many ways and somewhat better. But on the whole, I am quite content as an auxiliary Earth human being. Certainly, the loneliness nearly overwhelms me sometimes, especially when I would like to talk about certain things and then just no one is there who can understand my thoughts, but I get over it again in each case.

Einmal muss ich dir das ja wirklich sagen, obwohl ich nicht klagen will. Irgendwie aber bin ich doch ein Erdenmensch geworden, denn mein barbarisches Leben hier unter all den Barbaren, das finde ich auch nicht so sehr schlecht. Im grossen und ganzen bin ich als Hilfs-Erdenmensch aber ganz zufrieden. Oh, only unpleasant things could arise from that. Because of that, I'd rather close myself off. Oh yes, it would be very nice if everything in this relation could be different or simply somewhat better, but you yourself know that this cannot be done, unfortunately.

The difference in evolution is just too great. Moreover, all those, who sincerely hold me in love, strive very much for me, and this often helps me through unpleasant and difficult hours. The laws of the Earth human beings are very complicated and illogical, which is primarily what makes many things aggravating or just simply impossible.

Da kapsle ich mich schon lieber in mir ab. Die Evolutionsdifferenz ist einfach zu gross. Even though you already changed over from the Lyra region to the Earth at a very early time, I have always disregarded this and have always seen you as an Earth human being. That's what I am now, too, and I have also behaved myself towards you like that. Only sometimes, also this self-deception doesn't help me. Nur manchmal hilft mir auch dieser Selbstbetrug nicht.

I am sorry, but due to your rigorous effort to present yourself as a genuine Earth human being, you have also directed my thoughts in this direction; thus, I saw you as an Earth human being. Somehow, I am, indeed, also such an Earth-twit. For the Devil knows how long, I've already clambered around on this world, after I came to this planet. Since then, I have lived so many lives here as the most varied personalities that I am no longer able to count them.

I have an earthly physical body with a spirit from the depths of the Universe, as I already said once eight and a half thousand years ago as another personality. This earthly body, however, binds me to this planet and is connected with it - from its dust, so to speak - which is why I also have a feeling in me that I somehow belong here. At the same time, I just ask myself: Seit weiss-der-Deibel-wie-lange kraxle ich nun schon auf dieser Welt herum, nachdem ich auf diesen Planeten kam.

It will no longer be an earthly one, for at the established point in time, parents for you will come to the Earth, who will procreate your new personality on this world and will give birth to this with your spirit form on your original homeworld, after your spirit form will have taken possession of its descendant in the mother's womb. Ah, then I am, indeed, calmed. Does this also happen, then, with all the others, who are still roaming around here on the Earth?

Ah, dann bin ich ja beruhigt. Geschieht dies denn auch mit allen andern, die noch hier auf der Erde herumstromern? That's really comforting to know. But tell me, are there also those in our group, who do not come from this planet originally? Das ist wirklich beruhigend zu wissen.

Up to then, many new things will, indeed, happen, which will also bring you joy and relief. Es werden sich bis dahin ja viele neue Dinge tun, die auch dir Freude und Erleichterung bringen werden. I just ask myself, whether it might not still go awry, that I should take over a task in a father's stead. Good, I still have the question concerning this: Well, but what if it is suddenly claimed that I am, despite everything, the biological father of the child?

You know who the biological father will be, but it's not you, in any case, even though many would gladly like to see that. Just with regard to your wife, it wouldn't be allowed to be so, that you could be the biological father. She would neither understand nor accept this - not in her present life - unless she could make a large leap in evolution, which isn't to be expected with her, however, because she is often inclined to failure and unpredictable jealousy.

That won't be of much use, for I know her damn well. Once it has come so far, she, too, will have her thoughts to express, like also many others. Like others, she will be of the view that I'm lying to her and that I am truly the procreator and, therefore, also the true father. Das wird nicht viel nutzen, denn ich kenne sie verdammt genau.

Wenn es soweit ist, dann wird sie auch mit ihren Gedanken ins Geheddere kommen, wie viele andere auch. That would be absurd, for you are capable of no such untruth, and moreover, you know that the descendant will be procreated by another man, if the other fertilization and procreation possibility cannot be taken into consideration. But that is still of no use to me. I can already imagine the drama now, which will let loose around me. Just on the part of my Cannibal alone. Das nutzt mir aber trotzdem nichts. Allein schon von seiten meines Kannibalen. It is to be hoped that in this regard, she will have become of another sense by then and will grasp your words and explanations as truth.

There, you know her poorly, however. She will think that I am lying and, thus, that I am the biological father. Da kennst du sie aber schlecht. That may not be true, for you will actually not be the biological father but will only take over the father's role after the birth of the descendant. You just don't understand this. Many women of Earth are just not so far along as you all, who give your husbands faith when they tell you all something. Das verstehst du einfach nicht. Of course not; otherwise, you could also understand my damn problem. When an Earth woman has something placed in her head, she doesn't let go of it so quickly.

And that my Agapulla will hammer the crazy idea into her head, that I would have fathered the child myself, I know this in advance. At the same time, I know it too well. Dazu kenne ich sie zu gut. For you, yes, but not for Earth-twits. But you don't understand that, unfortunately. Let's just leave it at that. Doch das verstehst du leider nicht. Lassen wir es daher.

It is, perhaps, also better, for up to then, some time will still pass, and during this, certainly very much will still change. I also don't deny that, but in this respect, you may not give yourself any hopes. Moreover, I don't think - despite my hopes - that my wife will change, because more and more, I suspect that she is only acting and is leading all of you, me, and all the others around by the nose, which the future will surely prove, as well as her betrayal together with the brothers K.

That would be very indelicate towards you and your honesty as well as towards us and all group members. That is a fine word, really. Truly, this indelicacy will be quite damn crude and illogical, as well as mangy, treacherous, and libelous. Das ist ein feines Wort, wahrhaftig. That is probably the most sensible thing.

Let's talk about it again in the next year and the year after the next, if it should be necessary. I wouldn't like to announce that to you because at the given time, you will try to calculate the exact date anyway. But unfortunately, the circumstances of the failure of the responsible physicians won't allow your calculations to turn out correctly.

That is, unfortunately, inevitable, because the bearing organs of the mother, according to our cognitions, aren't functioning in the form that is necessary for the birth to be able to take place normally through these. As if I already hadn't had enough with the three Caesarian sections of my Cannibal. Your words do mean that, right? Das bedeuten doch deine Worte, oder? Sure, but there is no reason for you to be concerned, for when the time comes, other than a delayed birth, no major difficulties will appear. I don't know, because so far, I have only tried to determine the time and form of the birth.

This will, however, be about one and a half days later than what you, which I am sure of, are going to calculate with very great accuracy. And what will it be anyway; I mean, what gender will it be? That I will grant you, telling you that, but everything else, you have to calculate yourself. Concerning the certain factors addressed by you, it will, unfortunately, be as you say, that another time, very many things will be changed in such a way that these cannot come into effect in such way as what should be the case in providence and determination.

This, however, we are unable to change, and you, too, won't be able to do anything in this regard. Then I can only wait once again and twiddle my thumbs. That is, indeed, still to be coped with, that also in this case, again only a Caesarian section can lead to birth; that's a bit much. Such a birth makes me even more insecure than what a normal birth already does.

Eine solche Geburt macht mich noch unsicherer, als eine Normalgeburt dies schon tut. Sure, it won't go without a surgical intervention, but there is no reason for concern there. Sicher, es geht nicht ohne einen chirurgischen Eingriff, aber es besteht deswegen kein Grund zur Besorgnis. But why does it always have to be like that? This means, once again, that I must keep my mouth shut for many months, for I can't tell the girl in advance, in what manner the child will come into the world. Through that, I would only evoke unrest and, above all, severe psychological difficulties and anxiety as well as fear.

Warum aber muss es immer so sein, verdammt nochmal? So it would be, which is why you really have to be silent about these things for the time being. I also still have other matters to discuss with you, apart from me just talking with you about these things. Ich habe ja auch noch andere Belange mit dir zu besprechen, ausser mich gerade mit dir hinsichtlich dieser Dinge zu unterhalten. Of course, but it still makes me wonder whether the child will suffer any damage due to the birth delay, whether it will have an abnormality?

The only damage will be that certain capabilities must be developed in him in an especially hard self-effort, with the help of you all. Normally, the prerequisites would have been more easily given; therefore, the descendant would have learned this on his own and without help from outside. You told me in the course of our conversation that you have calculated some dates of the future?

Concerning him, have you calculated the exact time of death and the date of his going out of this sphere? I have, here, I've written everything down on this slip of paper. At the same time, it's just strange that I was able to calculate two different dates. The first is the 24th of February, ; the time for this is The fact that there are now two dates, I don't understand. Habe ich, hier, auf diesem Zettel habe ich alles aufgeschrieben.

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Es ist dabei nur eigenartig, dass ich zwei verschiedene Daten herausrechnen konnte. Das erste ist der Februar , die Zeit dazu Mai und die Zeit dazu Dass da nun zwei Daten sind, das verstehe ich nicht. Your calculations are very well right, and the one date, like the other one, is of correctness.

Deine Berechnungen stimmen sehr wohl, und das eine wie das andere Datum ist von Richtigkeit. Tito, the Yugoslavian dictator, will unofficially conclude his physical life on the date of the 24th of February, , or rather, he should do this at this point in time. Tito, der jugoslawische Diktator, wird mit dem Datum des Februar inoffiziell sein physisches Leben beenden resp. Truthfully, however, it will be like it was at that time with Generalissimo Francesco Franco in Spain, that he will have an agonizing death, because the doctors, with all their arts and machines, will keep him alive for so long, until death officially occurs on the 4th of May, As of the 24th of February, , however, it will be the case for Tito that he will be set out of his State-mighty function, without the possibility that he can do even only the least in his governmental business.

Around the turn of the year , fanatical and Khomeini-enslaved student elements will overtake the American Embassy in Tehran and will take all of the embassy personnel as hostages. This will lead to serious difficulties in the domestic and foreign policy of America as well as to very inconsiderate and rather childish actions of the American president, who, among other things, will allow an attempt to free the hostages, which will be doomed for failure from the very beginning, to be carried out.

The victims here will only be the prisoners in the American Embassy, but also around a dozen American families in the USA, because with this liberation command of insanity of Carter for the hostages, around 12 American soldiers will lose their lives through a misfortune. Due to the irrationality, incompetence, and confusion of the American president, the action with the aircraft unfit for this purpose will be started.

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The largest part of these machines will be destroyed due to their own unfitness, together with approximately 12 human lives of the volunteer command. These events will still further stir up the crisis already going on for many months until then between the Americans and Iran, and it also won't find an end so soon after this time. This is especially so, because also in the interior of the country of Persia, various power groups supply concerns, problems, and acts of war to the revolutionary State and because the Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini, who has fallen to insanity, will have beaten the majority of the Iranian people into the fanaticism of insanity serviceable to him.

This will ultimately lead to the fact that the first outside of country, external acts of terrorism will find their beginning, so namely first in England, where the Iranian Embassy will likewise be occupied and hostages will be taken another time. Do you mean with your words from just now, that this Khomeini has, already now, fallen to insanity? Du meinst mit deinen Worten von vorhin, dass dieser Khomeiny bereits jetzt dem Wahnsinn verfallen ist? President Carter of America will commit the inexcusable mistake, that he grants the fugitives temporary asylum, which will also contribute to the effects in the embassy in Tehran.

You speak of a temporary asylum; where will the guy then go after that, this super-murderous knave? But this much I will explain, that Pahlevi has already been suffering from cancer for quite some time and, therefore, will be treated in America. After that, his next place of refuge will be Panama, and then Egypt, where he will undergo further medical treatments. His end will be very agonizing, but let that be enough with these explanations for this case. What should be great there? I have only calculated that a lot will happen in Switzerland as well.

In Berne, there will be murder and mayhem, because there, an embassy will be stormed. Also Geneva and Zurich won't remain spared from terror and anarchy enterprises. In addition, criminal activity will horribly take the upper hand, and in Zurich, one morning shortly after the turn of the year , it will come to a major bank robbery attempt, during which two gangsters and a policeman will be shot.

Furthermore, starting from , Switzerland will be littered in its entire area by rampant murders, and political difficulties will enter into appearance, which will have washed themselves and which will be as they have never been known before in Switzerland. Nuclear power plants will be attacked by radical groups, whereby severe destructions of the same are also calculable. In the Bundesrat [Federal Council] itself, in the upcoming time starting from , there will arise internal difficulties and differences, which will lead to dubious instances of maladministration and will evoke certain changes in the government itself.

And, which I would have nearly forgotten: Elizabeth and Philip will visit Switzerland. Du meinst die Schweiz? Was soll denn da gross sein? Ich habe nur errechnet, dass auch in der Schweiz viel geschehen wird. Elisabeth und Philip werden die Schweiz besuchen. I have, yes, but you know, nevertheless, that some things would still interest me, for which I simply didn't have the time to calculate.

You are still surely able to remember well, what was said about the trimmings at Tito's death by that prophecy, which I had received years ago. It was transmitted to me at that time that at the time of Tito's death, a quake would roll through the seas. That is quite simple: I see something in this, that it must be more than just a simple seaquake. The way I understand it, this seaquake must only be the actual origin for something very much worse.

I imagine that I understand something of prophecies; thus, I am able to recognize certain things from them, which remain hidden to the layman. Das ist ganz einfach: Ich ersehe darin etwas, das mehr sein muss als nur ein einfaches Seebeben. Ich bilde mir ein, etwas von Prophetien zu verstehen, so ich daraus gewisse Dinge zu erkennen vermag, die dem Laien verborgen bleiben.

Good, then first of all, tell me where this seaquake will take place and what will come after that. This quake is only a precursor, right? Gut, dann sag mir vorerst, wo dieses Seebeben stattfinden wird und was danach kommt. Aha, now I already understand a little more. Am I right in accepting that this quake-precursor is associated with the Andreas fault? Aha, jetzt verstehe ich schon einiges mehr. Yes, it is so; a volcano lying dormant for many decades will suddenly break out, in order to bring death and destruction over the vast country.

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It will be Mount St. Helens, which will destroy very much life and bury much land under itself. Es wird dies der Berg St. The seaquake arising around the time of Tito's death won't be very strong, so it won't move the human beings of the Earth. Das um die Zeit von Titos Tod entstehende Seebeben wird nicht sehr stark sein, so es die Menschen der Erde nicht bewegen wird. But this quake will be a bad omen for the imminent outbreak of the St.

Helens volcano, which stands in connection with the Andreas fault, which itself extends from the high north of western America until deep into the south of the country. The scientists will first make no connection at all with the small seaquake to the volcanic eruption. Die Wissenschaftler werden erst mit dem kleinen Seebeben keinerlei Verbindung schaffen mit dem Vulkanausbruch. They will also suppose after the first time that the volcano will soon come to rest again. Auch werden sie nach den ersten Zeiten annehmen, dass der Vulkan bald wieder zur Ruhe kommen wird. But they will be mistaken in this because they won't be looking for a direct connection from it to the Andreas fault.

Already about ten days after the outbreak, however, some scientists will think about the events and recognize that the Andreas fault plays a significant role in these events. At this time, it will, however, already be the case that in the area of San Francisco, severe earthquakes occur. Zu dieser Zeit wird es aber schon so sein, dass in der Gegend von San Franzisco schwere Erdbeben in Erscheinung treten.

Und erst diese werden die Wissenschaftler darauf bringen, dass der Andreas-Graben im Spiel ist. At the same time, think of the prophecy that was given to you on the 2nd of February, With the outbreak of the St. Helens volcano, the time becomes complete, in which the beginning of the end assumes its actual beginning. Mit dem Ausbruch des St. About this, it stands word-for-word in the prophecy brought into verse form by you: That is dear of you, but the prophecy just repeated by you refers not only to the coming events but also to other ones, which already arrived years ago.

It is a rather far-reaching series, which reaches until far into the future. Das ist lieb von dir, doch die eben von dir wiederholte Prophetie bezieht sich nicht nur auf die kommenden Geschehen, sondern auch auf verschiedene, die bereits vor Jahren eingetroffen sind.

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Es ist eine ganz weitreichende Serie, die bis weit in die Zukunft reicht. It has already had validity since the year , whereby various things mentioned in it have already happened. But at the point in time of Tito's death, the events begin to fulfill themselves in an increased measure, which the humanity of Earth will have to ascertain with fright. Maybe then the most diverse human beings will remember your prophecies and realize that very much more is hidden in them than what they wanted to admit before.

Vielleicht erinnern sich dann die verschiedensten Menschen an deine Prophetien und erkennen, dass sehr viel mehr darin verborgen ist, als sie bis dahin wahrhaben wollten. Then also will many human beings realize that your mission isn't of lying and fraud, as it wants to be and will be slanderously denied. Auch werden dann viele Menschen erkennen, dass deine Mission nicht von Lug und Betrug ist, wie man verleumderisch bestreiten will und wird. You speak in riddles. It is, after all, always denied that I speak the truth and really also have contact with you.

I have long been accustomed to the fact that I am accused as a swindler and fraud. Man bestreitet doch schon immer, dass ich die Wahrheit spreche und wirklich auch mit euch Kontakt habe. Sure, that is a word of truth, but with the year , there will come a time for you, where you will be increasingly exposed to very evil, untruthful, and defamatory attacks.

Various people well-known to you, former evil-minded group members, will slander you publicly with lies and defamation, while also otherwise, not in the least through the intrigues of these betrayers and traitors, your work and everything else will be disturbed and endangered. Oh, you Green Nine, now I know. For a year and a day, there has been continuous discontent and controversy through lies and intrigues by the brothers K. These two, then, will probably soon no longer be in our group. And how mean and full of intrigue particularly H. He has, through evil writings, already brought many human beings into the devil's kitchen just as often as through his verbal attacks of perfected maliciousness.

Dann werden diese beiden wohl bald nicht mehr in unserer Gruppe sein. Und wie gemein und intrigenvoll besonders H. I can vividly imagine that myself, for I know H. It often seems to me that he is maliciousness and notorious mendaciousness in person. Das kann ich mir lebhaft vorstellen, denn ich kenne H. That's true, but on the other hand, it would also still be too early if you wanted to deal with these matters of the future already now. Then it is, in any case, so, that the brothers K.

You speak clearly enough. Du sprichst ja deutlich genug. Then I can, once again, play more theater, until everything has come so far. I would really prefer it a lot sometimes, if I knew a bit less. Dann kann ich wieder einmal mehr Theater spielen, bis alles soweit ist. I can sympathize with you, but when a human being has reached a certain state of evolution, these things automatically come up to him, which he must then work with and manage.

You should remember, however, that you should be especially careful starting from the year , for the dangers in reference to your life will likewise increase rapidly. That makes me worry the least of all. As long as my senses always warn me ahead of time of something evil, so long can I be safe anyhow. You do know that I either tend to dream certain things in advance or that I am made aware of such by my painful tearing in the small of my back.

Das macht mir am allerwenigsten Sorgen. This fact is well-known to me, but consider with this that all of this depends on your overall balance.

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If this is even only minimally impaired once by aggravation or grief, then these warnings can fail. It may one day also simply be so, that you react too late or that you become immobilized by an excessive pain. Well, thanks for the tip. If it should be like that someday, then I will certainly try desperately. That makes no impression at all on you, and exactly that could be extremely dangerous for you. It would be better for you if you could feel excitation or otherwise something in such situations. But sometimes, it seems to me that at such moments, your whole interior only consists of a deadly cold.

I have already often had the impression that I had heard the clinking of cracking ice, when I analyzed everything in you after such incidents. Not at all, because in this relation, I work very precisely, and on the other hand, I'm not inclined to exaggerations. Then I have another question: Dann habe ich noch eine Frage: Wenn ich meine Aktion gegen die Olympia-Boykottierung starte, wird diese dann von Erfolg sein? It will be the merit of you and your group, that the Olympic Games continue to exist and one day become anti-politicized. Es wird dein und deiner Gruppe Verdienst sein, dass die Olympia-Spiele weiterhin bestehen und eines Tages antipolitisiert werden.

But at the same time, it will be such that in this respect, you won't reap any attention or thanks in the world public as the real initiator, at least not for the time being, because it will be concealed that through your initiative alone, the Olympic idea will continue to exist and continue to be exercised. The authoritative responsible persons of the States and sports associations of all countries will make everything out to be as though it was their decision. Truthfully, however, they will act in accordance with your action, when the time has become ripe for it.

They are much too fond of themselves for them to admit that their affirmative decision to participate in the Olympics resulted from your action alone. Nevertheless, that essentially makes no difference. After all, it is only important that the games are held and carried out. Das ist im Grunde genommen doch egal. Still, it is very regrettable that those responsible in this case will claim the fame for themselves.

But unfortunately, this probably won't change, because the future doesn't say that you will one day be named publicly as the savior of the Olympic idea. I can also do without that, as I don't care about that at all. Moreover, the group members will do the main work, for they will take over all the printing, the sorting together, addressing, inserting, and mailing at that time.

With only one hand, I will, indeed, be rather hindered, so I will need their assistance then. Mit nur einer Hand werde ich ja recht behindert sein, so ich dann eben ihre Hilfe brauche. This page was last edited on 9 September , at You don't hold to my wish, my child. You, nevertheless, know exactly that I have broken off the contacts, and I don't want to continue them any more. Oh, I see, that's different, and - either way, I am really happy. If I want to be honest, then I must admit that the time of our contact disruption has become devilishly long. But I still think it's better like this and should remain so.

But why, then, did you already come today? Don't you have any time on my birthday? Ach so, das ist etwas anderes, und — so oder so, ich freue mich riesig. Wenn ich ehrlich sein will, dann muss ich zugeben, dass mir die Zeit unseres Kontaktunterbruches verteufelt lang geworden ist. Aber ich denke, dass es trotzdem besser so ist und so bleiben soll. Aber warum kommst du denn schon heute, hast du an meinem Geburtstag keine Zeit? I thought that a visit as an advance notification was better, and if you allow it, I would like to talk with you again about the discontinuation of the contacts.

If it's just a discussion, then so be it. I think that I'm so far better off again that I no longer get excited so quickly. Ich denke, dass ich wieder so weit besser dran bin, dass ich mich nicht mehr so schnell aufrege. There, you're quite right, but I will still certainly improve a lot more. Perhaps I can then devote myself to my work again. Da hast du wohl recht, doch einiges werde ich sicher noch schaffen. Vielleicht kann ich mich dann auch wieder meiner Arbeit widmen. That may be, and - okay, I will do it.

Give me some time until the filming and the photographing. Then, we can talk about it again. Das mag sein, und — okay, ich will es tun. Lass mir Zeit bis zum Filmen und Photographieren. Deine Freude und Hoffnung ist mir eine Ehre, doch solltest du deine Hoffnung nicht zu hoch ansetzen. I don't do that, but I foresee something because you're healthy again, or at least there is so much of a striving forward to an improvement that your optimism is recognizable again.

Das tue ich nicht, doch erahne ich einiges, denn du bist gesundheitlich wenigstens wieder so weit einer Besserung entgegengeschritten, dass dein Optimismus wieder erkennbar ist. These truths, as you call them, are valid with many as adulation to portray me as some kind of nice super person and as better than the others. In so-called circles of friends, this has already been claimed very often, as well as in the other circles that want to destroy me and our work.

Here on Earth, such things just aren't of value. Das ist ganz einfach: In sogenannten Freundeskreisen wurde das schon sehr oft laut, wie auch in anderen Kreisen, die mich und unsere Arbeit vernichten wollen. Hier auf der Erde sind solche Dinge eben nicht von Wert. About that, you truly shouldn't trouble yourself because such speeches only reveal the boundless envy and self-knowledge of those who are totally incapable in their own strength to equate with you even approximately. On the other hand, we never spoke to you of your person in a praise-speaking manner; rather, we always only mentioned facts, thus - truths, about which we gave you relative statements.

However, such statements do not correspond to praise, which is why it is inappropriate and defamatory of third parties when they lay such unjustified accusations on you. We never had the intention, and we never gave such praise to you, to portray you as a super person, etc. Niemals hatten wir die Absicht und niemals taten wir dergleichen, dich zu loben, um dich als Supermenschen darzustellen usw.

All such activity is also far from our way of thinking and our ethics and also from our overall knowledge of the harmfulness of praise-speaking. The only ones doing such, as I have mentioned to you, are those whose minds do not reach up to logical grasping and understanding.

Die solches tun sind nur jene, wie ich sie dir genannt habe, ausserdem reicht ihr Verstand nicht hin bis zum logischen Erfassen und Verstehen. It also makes no difference; therefore, let's leave it with what we've talked about. I'd prefer it if I could soon go on the trip to do my film work and photo work. You must not wait very long, for soon, the weather conditions and the land will be such that you can start on your way, even though it still doesn't look like that at present. That is well-known to me because I'm not making them for the first time.

Also at the other times, I often didn't go to sleep for days. Das ist mir bekannt, denn ich mache sie ja nicht zum ersten Mal.

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Auch zu den anderen Malen bin ich oft tagelang nicht mehr zum Schlafen gekommen. But now, my friend, I want to include many dear greetings and wishes and all the love, which I should convey to you from father, Quetzal, Pleija, and Menara. That can't be true. Human child, that's a joy!

Were you in the DAL Universe, then? And - of course, give all of them my heartfelt thanks and let everyone be greeted rather nicely from me. Das darf ja nicht wahr sein. Menschenskind, das ist eine Freude, warst du denn im Dal-Universum? I have been given the permission to hand over a small amount of metal samples to you again, which you already asked me for a long time ago.

However, it will no longer concern the same materials, but they have an approximate resemblance to the first samples. It is important that I receive new metal samples, which should then be analyzed. Das spielt keine Rolle. Wichtig ist, dass ich neue Metallproben erhalte, die dann analysiert werden sollen. Besides the metal pieces, I'll still be allowed to hand over some other things to you, such as a liquid from a planet that is still in its primeval form of development. That would be possible, but I will bring plant germs to you if I can obtain permission for this.

Here, these are two photos that I have received from Wendelle Stevens. As you can see, it concerns two model heads. Can you tell me whether any human life forms are known to you that look like these pictured heads? Hier, das sind zwei Photos, die ich von Wendelle Stevens erhalten habe. During the Great Journey, I had the opportunity to see your recordings of human life forms, which you kindly demonstrated to me with your viewing devices. But I cannot remember a single human life form that looked like this or substantially similar.

Moreover, there were, as you explained at that time, about 30 million different races, which you let me see visually. No human life form exists in the universal space within reach of us that bears even a slight resemblance to this imaginary product pictured here. On the other hand, the person has already been known to us for a long time, who claims that she has contact with life forms of the kind photographed here.

Andererseits ist uns schon seit langer Zeit die Person bekannt, die behauptet, dass sie mit Lebensformen der hier abgelichteten Form Kontakt habe. We became aware of this through a routine analysis of Mr. Stevens' interests as he tried to transfer the book. As a result, we concerned ourselves in detail and thoroughly with the person who wants to have alleged contacts with the life forms of the kind photographed here. Our detailed investigation proved that this person invents deceitful and swindler-like assertions and also disseminates these in this unpleasant manner.

This person does this, in part, completely deliberately, but another part is self-suggestive hallucinations. The other unpleasant fact is that this person gathers self-conceived material and wants to distribute it among the Earth people with the false assertion that it comes from contact conversations and transmissions with the human life forms depicted right here in this photograph, which, of course, in no way corresponds to the truth because everything truly only corresponds to a fantasy production of the person concerned. Something similar, I thought to myself.

But now, what is with the second picture? And - why do you, once again, mention no name? Was ist nun aber mit dem zweiten Bild?