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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Stories such as 'The People of the Black Circle' glow with the fierce . not read much of Robert E. Howard, this is a superb place to start. The best Kull story ever (Shadow Kingdom, one of REH's very best) is here.
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The Best of Robert E. Howard: Crimson Shadows by Robert E. Howard (, Paperback) | eBay

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Do you think it would be fair for only the rich to access the best sites? From Publishers Weekly Known primarily for his iconic character, Conan, Howard's other writings delivered just as much action and adventure. Weird Works of Robert E. Howard Book 1 Audio CD: Wildside Press May 22, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The weird works series collects Howard's stories in a nice set of hardback books, putting them in order of publication.

I'm assuming readers looking at this are familiar with Robert Howard's works, and are just seeing this series as a nice way to have all of them in one set rather then spread across many other collections of magazines and decayed paperbacks. With that in mind, the books are well done. The paper is nice, the binding seems fine.

Beyond The Black River - Robert E. Howard

There are infrequent typos in the text, perhaps per book. If you are not familiar with these stories - they are excellent action stories of fantasy around older civilizations or the remnants of those civilizations as they hide in the world today.

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Some people may question the price of the books given that they are not very long, but I think it is well worth it. Trying to punish the publisher by not buying them on principle as one reviewer suggests is ridiculous. That mindset leads to not having these old stories republished at all, we are going to pay a premium for this sort of book because the market is small.

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I purchased this book assuming I was getting 'Wildside Press' book, but what I actually got was the 'Cosmos book'. Same cover art and title, but different selection of stories from what people have mentioned in the reviews. I enjoyed the book and think it was good value for the money. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Howard was a multi-genre dynamo, but his essential contribution to writing was through Weird Tales. This set of books gives you every story and poem for that pulp and gives you the opportunity to follow from his very first story Spear and Fang to his last story before his tragic death his progression in the macabre as well as the genre he created, Sword and Sorcery.

One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This collection, containing Howard's earlier weird stories, starts off with a bang: The original Solomon Kane and King Kull tales are here, and they are most interesting. The dustjacket art by Stephen Fabian is gorgeous and creepy; I hope to see his artwork on the covers of every volume in this set.

One person found this helpful. Highest praise to Wildsidepress for giving us this beautiful edition of early Robert E.

Howard stories and poems. The publishers even included the first stories of Solomon Kane and King Kull, which adds further value to "Shadow Kingdoms". A short introduction gives further interesting information. Recommended reading for everybody interested in Howard's lesser known works yes - he wrote much more than "Conan".

Hopefully Amazon will also sell the rest of this 10 Volume set. In my case I cannot wait for "Volume 3 - People of the Dark" to be published. I figure very few people will just buy this book so this covers the series, which is currently up to volume 6.

The Shadow Kingdom and Others: Skull-face Omnibus Volume 3

This is what i originally hoped this series would be, but its just the published stories from Weird Tales Magazine, with a few extras here and there. This does mean you get most of the Conan, Solomon Kane and Kull stories that were published in Howard's life time, plus the other published horrors and fantasies. This is bar far better than nothing and, as far as I know, there is no real competition around at the moment. The Bison press series might eventually be better but the publication schedule is all over the place, and it is not sure if it will ever finish.

This series should be complete by at the latest. The series is well produced. So far all my copies have been sewn bound in cloth lined boards, so the books are not the usual paperback binding in stiff cardboard that often passes for hardcover nowadays. The font is a good size and readable. The books are expensive, but Howard's stuff has always tended to be that way if you wanted it in a lasting format. In general these are as well produced as any Howard items I have seen and can be recommended as books. Inspector Vissarion Lom is summoned to the nice capital urban of Mirgorod to capture the terrorist Josef Kantor.

Additional resources for The Best of Robert E. Howard is among the most famed and influential pulp authors of the 20th century. This impressive quantity, gorgeously illustrated through Jim and Ruth Keegan, contains a few of his most sensible and most well-liked works. NaNima The Na Series Book 1 - download pdf or read online Aster's no longer a standard individual - she used to be randomly selected between fae to be the Moon dad or mum, a fae of 5 components. Wolfhound Empire The Wolfhound Century Trilogy Peter Higgins' Vlast is a wonderfully imagined 'other' Russia, an epic land of trackless woodland, sentient rain and powers deep within the Earth.

The Best of Robert E. Howard by Brian 4.

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