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The Now Factor of Faith. [Pastor Oris Onuwaje] on resyxusifa.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Pastor Oris Onuwaje cites Now, the first word of Hebrews.
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Conversations with God The Riches of the Bible: A Handbook for Healing Medicine in the Twenty-First Century: Matthews and Connie Clark Category: Alternative Therapies Personal Growth Religion. About The Faith Factor Drawing from the latest scientific research, as well as numerous illustrative case studies, The Faith Factor offers convincing proof that religious practices can and do enhance the healing powers of medicine.

Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer

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The Faith Factor

The Stars Within You. Step Into Your Moxie. Stuff Every Woman Should Know. Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman. The Brave Art of Motherhood. He knew that God could not break the covenant promise He had made. As he placed Isaac on the altar, God stopped him and told him to use a ram that was caught in a nearby thicket instead.

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Then Abraham and Isaac understood that they were acting out a prophecy of the time when the Lord would offer His only Son as a sacrifice for sin on that same spot. When Elijah received his directions during a private prayer, he reasoned that God, Who longed for the Israelites to come back to Him, would not embarrass him in public 1 Kings When he began praying, God sent the fire and it consumed the sacrifice, the altar, the water and even the stones around it.

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The Israelites turned back to God and a three-year drought that God had sent as a judgment on the people ended that very day 1 Kings After laying siege to Jerusalem, he took Daniel, his three friends, and some others hostage to assure the compliance of the now vassal King of Israel. Once in Babylon, the King put the Jewish teenagers into a training program, as was his custom with foreign royalty, to teach them the Babylonian system and culture. The King was impressed with their intelligence and when they graduated, he appointed them to his body of advisers.

And sure enough, after the prayer session with his three friends, the Lord gave Daniel the interpretation in a vision Daniel 2: The King was so impressed that he elevated Daniel to ruler over the entire province of Babylon and head of all his advisers. Some time later these three, who we know as Sahdrach, Meshach, and Abednego were sentenced to death for refusing to worship a pagan idol the King had fashioned. Bound and thrown into a roaring furnace, they were joined there by one whose form was like the Son of God. When the King called them out, only the ropes that had bound them were burned.

The King published an edict requiring all his subjects to honor the God of Israel Daniel 3: Many years later, when he was an old man, Daniel himself was accused of refusing to worship the King. At sunset he was thrown into a den of hungry lions as punishment. All night long he sat there while the lions got hungrier and hungrier. Daniel and his friends reasoned that the God Whom they honored with their faithfulness would not dishonor them by withholding His.

But my point here is to draw attention to one fact. In each case, the people involved had to think their way through a pretty serious situation. And when all their emotions screamed for them to act one way, they applied a huge dose of reason to justify acting differently. In doing so they demonstrated four tools for us to apply when facing a faith-testing situation. In fact, most would call it unreasonable. He did and she was Luke 8: When the disciples told Jesus they only had five loaves of barley bread and two small fish to feed as many as 10, people Matt.

They did and there was enough left over after everyone was finished eating to fill 12 baskets. These are not reasonable requests to make. And yet the Lord made them, giving each one the faith to obey, and seeing them safely through the situation.