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When the agency responsible for state roads spends $4 million on new cars and trucks, then parks them unused for two years, that's Crazifornia. When cancer.
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The retroactive increase had no provision for filling this funding gap. Moorlach just grinned back in response.

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There is literally no light at the end of the tunnel. When the county supervisors passed another pension increase over his protests in , Moorlach decided to run for supervisor himself in The public employee unions spent hundreds of thousands of dollars smearing Moorlach , but he kept his focus on his single issue, public-employee pensions. They call it France. We are not France. This is Orange County!

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  • Once elected, Moorlach tried to turn the situation around by convincing the other supervisors to challenge the earlier pension increases. He had studied the California Constitution and found no provision in it allowing such retroactive increases. In fact, the opposite was true. The state constitution specifically forbade municipalities taking on new debt without a two-thirds vote. This amendment to the much-amended constitution came as a result of many California cities and counties having to declare bankruptcy in the late s because their elected leaders had bet big — and lost — on railroads.

    Landing railroad stations, switching yards and other support infrastructure was the green job promise of that earlier day. City councils and county boards of supervisors consequently approved massive bond measures — often on a bare majority vote — to build the infrastructure the railroads demanded. If they landed railroad facilities all was good, but if the railroad picked the next town or county over, the municipalities were faced with huge debt and no way to pay it off.

    From that earlier failed government venture into commerce, California came to require that all tax measures require a two-thirds vote. He hired as his chief of staff a law professor and tasked him with researching the constitutionality of the retroactive increase.

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    We know what we know, we took an oath, so we have to act. How Orange County v. Ultimately, it remained on the tracks — because judges get retirement benefits too, it turns out. Judges on the California Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court simply decided votes on pension increases were exempt for the two-thirds vote rule, and dismissed the lawsuit. Many propositions addressing pensions have been, and are being, proposed, but all face withering assaults from the well-funded and powerful public-employee unions.

    Their power was displayed when California Pension Reform qualified a reform measure for the ballot in , leading to the next step in the process: It said the measure prohibited death and disability benefits, while it specifically allowed them. She could have used any of hundreds of state job categories to illustrate her point, but chose only the ones polls show voters respond most favorably to.

    Faced with an understandable drop in campaign contributions after Harris published her ballot summary, California Pension Reform was forced to end its signature-gathering efforts.


    Worst off is Fresno County, whose pension expenses would take up percent of its operating budget under the worst-case scenario. Despite the dismal future darkening the horizon, the Fresno Bee recently reported: Representatives of Service Employees International Union and county negotiators, after four months of talks, have been unable to reach agreement on a new contract for some 4, workers, from lower-paid receptionists to higher-paid health clinicians.

    Labor leaders scoffed at the deal. The union, which plans to vote on the contract over the next month, represents about two-thirds of county employees. We believe in our country. Are they conceding that a trillion dollars in unfunded public employee pension and healthcare obligations will not mean a brighter future for the next generation? The first step is admitting that we need more money to pay for our present, much less our future.

    Should every child in California have access to an excellent, rigorous, free education through college and beyond? Jerry Brown spent years on his back humping his way to the top and he has the nerve to call Meg Whitman a whore?? They can only make these monumental mistakes if they have the power to do so. They only have the power to do so if idiots keep voting them in. Californians continue to vote in the most liberal, nonsensical politicians year after year, even though they are living the nightmare that those decisions create. They live there, they watch the news, they read blogs, papers, etc.

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    Does it make a dent though? As soon as they can, they run in droves to the polls and vote in the same do-nothings as they did at the last election. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

    Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Ronald Stein 22 January, , States Those with jobs in the private sector generate the revenue to support those that work in government and those that are dependent on government subsidies. Joe 22 January, , BobA 22 January, , And for the record: Thomas Sowell Reply this comment.

    RT 22 January, , Bob 22 January, , Hondo 22 January, , Marten Purdy 23 January, , BobA 23 January, , Adios Cali 23 January, , Donkey 23 January, , Tom Chapman 23 January, , BobA 24 January, , The Franchise Tax Board is simply following the letter of the law. Linda Y 24 January, , Rex the Wonder Dog! Marten Purdy 25 January, , BobA 25 January, , TomK 9 February, , Click here to cancel reply.

    Pearce also noted that California has the lowest-rated tax collection service in the country, while burdening its residents with the highest taxes of any state. He related a personal experience he had with the California Coastal Commission in his hometown of South Orange County. Apparently, there was some mud on a neighborhood sidewalk that residents wanted scraped off. Pearce also discussed a recently introduced bill in the California legislature that would reduce the amount of time allotted to state agencies for discipline of employees from three years to one.

    After some time, the forum opened up for questions.